WM Precision Medicine Platform
Our AI powered “WM Precision Medicine Platform (AECE®, IIPE ®, IECE®, PSNE™)” are built upon the rigorous pathological neural network models which enables a close-loop intervention and treatment of various CNS diseases. Our platform also enables precise targeting of patients’ phenotypes with new and existing pharmaceutical drug treatment, physical therapy, as well as behavioral treatments, which were never possible in the past
Joint Laboratory of Brain Diseases and Brain Computer Interface
Jointly established by The Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing WM Therapeutics Ltd., the Laboratory has more than 20 Ph. D. students, postdoc researchers and principal investigators, The mission of the laboratory is to translate the advanced neurological research results to clinical solutions. The research areas of the laboratory include human and animal models of CNS diseases, such as ADHD, Autism, MDD, etc., directional information transfer model and neural-connectivity characteristics research using machine learning models, brain computer interface research, etc.